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- Ban Ki Moon, Sec Gen, UN.

“I count on you to use the negotiating skills you learn in Model UN to help navigate the real-world problems we face. Join forces with likeminded individuals and groups to promote understanding and generate positive change.”

In the Model United Nations conferences, students step into the shoes of ambassadors from UN member states to debate, make resolutions and resolve current issues on the organisation’s agenda. Along with student delegates from schools all over India, our BIS team delivers speeches, prepares draft resolutions, negotiates with allies and adversaries to resolve conflicts and abides with the conference rules of procedure – all in the interest of mobilizing “international cooperation.”

BIS receives several invitations throughout the year from various schools across the globe hosting MUN conferences. Considering academics and other extracurricular events that our school has on the cards, we intend to encourage our students to participate in one conference, every semester of the academic year. Hence, we choose those conferences which are well reputed and whose timings do not clash with in-house events.

Students are expected to put in time and effort to prepare for these conferences by attending practice sessions as well as researching about their country’s stance in various committees. They will be awarded a certificate of participation from the host school. In some conferences, they will have the opportunity to win awards, if their performance has been noteworthy. Participation in MUN/ HMCA is undoubtedly an asset to students who are keen on applying to universities that insist on a documented proof of extracurricular activities.


“I’ve been doing MUN for nearly 3 years and it has benefitted me tremendously. For a second, let’s ignore the fact that MUN looks great on a resume. How does it help you, your personality? You learn to overcome your fears of public speaking if any, you learn how to communicate and persuade others to see your point of view and when you can’t persuade them, you learn to compromise and meet them halfway in order to produce a realistic solution, an essential skill in today’s world of diversity. The SISMUN was an excellent experience. We met students from several schools and cities, enjoyed a combination of vigorous debates and socialized. The school was extremely hospitable and provided good dorm and dining facilities. I would definitely recommend it to any student looking to develop their personality and communication skills.”

-Aakarsh Bharati