I really appreciate how you have mastered this new method of teaching so well and were able to impart knowledge/Skill with fun to Shanaya remotely. We respect and salute your efforts in these tough times and our gratitude is always there with you both for the same.

S Shelly & Gurinder

BIS proved itself beyond my expectations and credit goes to the both of you. It’s wonderful how patiently and dedicatedly you both attend to every single child’s requests and requirements. Glad to be a part of this ethically and fundamentally strong institution.

E Ekta Gandhi

Just want to thank you and all the staff who made this year special for the kids! While this "new" of online classes is still evolving, you, the teachers and the team at the school have done exceptionally well to make the most of the time to connect with students and parents.

R Ronald

This is my child’s 1st year in BIS and I am so appreciative of the way they have managed to engage and involve him with the rest of the children. Their attention to detail of every child in the class is commendable.

E Esha Kalra

My son joined BIS mid-term in January 2020 as we relocated from Singapore. The individual attention given by the Teachers as well the class management done by the Teachers given the limitations has been excellent. We are very grateful.

V Vivaan’s Parents

We would like to thank the teachers for their commendable efforts and work. Please continue to do what you are doing, it is working.

V Vineet and Sushma