At BIS, with a view to helping students realize their academic and vocational potential, we strive to provide a nurturing environment to help students make informed choices as they expand their horizons and move towards taking definitive steps towards a post-high school future.

With the underlying assumption that students have the right to chart their own futures, we facilitate their exploratory efforts towards this end and complement their preferences with curated, timely data and our collective expertise. While we target students’ favourite choices, we do widen the scope of the application process to include all the best prospects. To help implement this seamlessly, the school has invested in the most effective platform for college application procedures – CIALFO. Used by the top international schools, worldwide, this tool promises to bring simplicity and efficiency to an otherwise complex effort.

We provide guidance counseling for students from Grades 9 to 12. The students in Grade 11 take stock of their academic and extra-curricular accomplishments that will aid their eventual admission into universities of their choice. They research all their options, determine the requirements that their university choices demand, and adequately prepare themselves to begin the process of applying. G 12 students, having gone through this process, now take the final steps towards sprucing up their credentials and honing in on solid options to pursue.

Students in G 9 & 10 are guided in this process by a journey of self-discovery that will allow them to assess their strengths and chart out possible areas of exploration. Professional aptitude testing platforms are offered to all and often prove to be a revelation or a reassurance. Either way, our goal is to make students as self-aware as possible and help connect the dots between their passion and vocation.

In keeping with the forward thinking vibe that high school is imbued with, the numerous university fairs and college visits throughout the year sustain the energy and give our students invaluable exposure to a carefully curated list of colleges from across the world. These include universities from US, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Poland and India among others. We are proud that our students are eventually placed in institutions of repute and that they, often, manage to secure full or partial scholarships as well.

To get a taste of what higher learning is like or to explore a favourite subject, a few students manage to attend summer college prep courses in top universities with niche specializations.

We are partners with students and parents in this significant journey. Our ultimate goal is to help students discover and avail of, the opportunities that will best fulfill their vocational needs and aspirations.

Pavani Dusi

Pavani Dusi

Guidance Counsellor